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Post  Segoat on Wed Sep 10, 2008 6:05 pm

Use the application template below and fill in all questions thoroughly; an application is the first impression we have of you. If your application is just full of 1 word answers or it doesn't look like you've put any effort into it at all, please don't expect a serious response.

If you are successful, you will be placed on trial. The trial period length is at our discretion, but should be about 3 weeks.

Please stick to our template and answer these questions as they are. Don't come here after you've copy/pasted an app from another guild's recruitment forum so it takes you about 2 seconds to complete. If you do, we aren't interested.

Application Template

About Yourself

About Your Character
-Days Played:
-Primary Spec:
-Secondary Spec:
-Armory Link:
-Notable Alts (Include armory + experience):

Include Skill level/Specialization/Rare Crafts

-Primary Profession 1:
-Primary Profession 2:
-Secondary Professions:

Raiding Experience
List your raiding experience. Note: Completing TBC or Vanilla content at level 80 doesn’t count.

-Pre-TBC raid experience:
-TBC raid experience:
-25-man Tier 7 Content:
-Ulduar 10:
-Ulduar 25:
-TotC 25:
-TotC 10 heroic:
-TotC 25 heroic:
-ICC 10:
-ICC 25:

Previous Guilds
List your previous guilds and explain why you've left them.

-We raid 3 nights a week (Mon/Tue/Thur), Are you able to make at least 80% of these raid days?
-We raid between 20:00 and 24:00 CET. Are you able to start earlier or stay later if required?
-Do you have any IRL commitments that may affect your attendance?

Computer Specs
-Graphics Card:
-Graphical Settings (Low/Medium/High):
-Average Latency:
-Average FPS in raids:
-How would you rate your computers' ability NOT to crash?
-How would you rate your ISP's ability to keep you connected to the internet?

-Name the consumables you bring to raids:
-Where do you research new encounters?
-What motivates you to do hardmodes?
-What addons do you consider to be the most beneficial for your class?
-Are you able to talk on vent when needed?
-If possible, link a WWS report from a recent raid:
-Please link a screenshot of your UI in raid:

Additional Questions
-What are your in-game goals in World of Warcraft?
-In your opinion, what makes you a better choice than any other player of your class?
-Do you click your abilities or do you have them binded?
-Do you turn with your keyboard, or do you prefer to use your mouse?
-Do you know anyone in FF that could vouch for you?
-Tell us anything about yourself that we might have left out and you would like to share:

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