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About Fast Forward

Post  Segoat on Wed Sep 10, 2008 6:15 pm

Welcome to the Fast Forward forums.

We are a raiding guild on Twisting Nether (PvP) Horde side. Our core consists of rerollers from "Focus" on Aerie Peak. We have experience up to M'uru before the guild unfortunately stopped raiding due to lack of skilled players to recruit on Aerie Peak. We rerolled on Twisting Nether for a better raiding environment for WotLK to allow us to carry on raiding at the level we are used to.

We base our raiding on having fun and being the best we can be. We push the new content and try to clear it as fast as possible and always try to improve. We enjoy being good at what we do, and feel that now is the time to build on this and get more like-minded people in for WotLK.

We've cleared everything on normal and are currently working on Anub'arak in 25-man Trial of the Grand Crusader. Recruitment is currently open, so head over to that part of the forums, check out our requirements and drop us an application if you feel you're an exceptional player.

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