Ulduar 25 (Hardmode Guides)

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Ulduar 25 (Hardmode Guides)

Post  Uda on Sat Mar 06, 2010 3:21 pm

Posting these hardmodes also under public forum to let some random people (friends etc) see what we are on and going to do.

Thanks for your interest.

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Re: Ulduar 25 (Hardmode Guides)

Post  Uda on Sat Mar 06, 2010 3:22 pm

  • Orbit-uary (25 Player)

First step of the Glory of Ulduar Raider.
Siege/demolisher/bike health is depending on your gear's item level so we would like those drivers to be on a high average of gear score.

Vehicle setup

4 Choppers
4 Siege Engines
3 Demolishers (Turret team)
2 Demolishers (Pure DPS)

This is kinda encounter can be nasty if people aren't focused on what they're doing.
Difference is between normal and this hardmode ,we'll leave all four towers and try to defeat Flame Leviathan while he has assist of towers.
The following abilities complicate the fight when all 4 Tower Systems are active :

  • The Flame Leviathan has 269 million HP

  • Tower of Storms: Thorim's Hammer - Physical damage. Extra damage at point of impact. Also increases physical damage by 25%

  • Tower of Flames: Mimiron's Inferno - Fire damage and a AoE damage zone. Also increases fire damage by 50%

  • Tower of Frost: Hodir's Fury - Frost damage and entombs vehicles near the impact point in ice. Entombed vehicles are stunned for 1 minute, taking damage over time. The tomb can be destroyed with fire damage, a single cannon shot will suffice.

  • Tower of Nature: Freya's Ward - Nature damage and summons Writhing Lasher and Ward of Life adds. Also decreases fire damage taken by Leviathan by 10%

  • Vehicle Usage, Roles

  • 4 Choppers (Drivers):
Picking up passengers from the demo after a shutdown, laying tar on top of FL during the stun for more dmg. And just trying to stay alive as long as possible.
Your skill bar will change and these skills will appear:

Sonic Horn (20 energy):This is what you dps him with.

Tar Drops a pool of tar for 45 sec that slows the movement speed of enemies within 10 yards.

Speed Boost (50 energy) Fires the fuel injectors on the bike, increasing its speed by 100% for 5 sec.

Grab Pyrite Use your hook and chain to grab the targeted Liquid Pyrite.

This is eject button to place the Liquid Pyrite where needed

First Aid Kit Heals your passenger fully over 4 sec.

  • 4 Siege Engines:

1 driver + 1 turret controller + 2 passengers (unable to attack)
  • Driver's skill bar and role

Driver's role is kiting FL ,killing freya adds and interrupting flame vents.

Ram (40 steam pressure) Rams any enemies in front of the demolisher, dealing 22501 to 27501 Damage and knocking them back. Also deals 2850 to 3150 siege damage to buildings.

Electroshock (38 steam pressure) Shocks all targets within a 25 yard cone in front of the caster. It also interrupts spellcasting and prevents any spell in that school from being cast for 4 sec.This is what driver is gonna interrupt flame vents with.

Steam Rush (40 steam pressure) Put the steam engine into overdrive for a short duration, rushing forward, dealing siege damage and knocking back enemies.
  • Turret Controller's skill bar and role

Shooting down Pyrite + Killing Adds and light dmg on FL during the stun.

Anti-Air Rocket (10 steam pressure) Fires an explosive missile that explodes on contact with air targets.

Fire Cannon (20 steam pressure) Fires a cannon blast. An imprecise hit can do as little as 5,000 damage, while a direct hit will do upwards of 120,000 damage. Does approximately 2,300 siege damage to buildings.

Shield Generator Activates the shield generator on the Siege Engine, absorbing a limited amount of Physical, Fire, Frost and Arcane damage taken for 5 sec.

  • 3 Demolishers w/ Turret Teams:

  • Driver's skill bar and role

Keeping 10 stacks of pyrite rolling at all times,picking up pyrite and shooting up passengers.

Hurl Boulder Hurls a massive boulder into the distance, dealing 27000 to 33000 damage to enemies within 8 yards of the explosion.

Hurl Pyrite Barrel (5 pyrite) Hurls an orb of blue pyrite into the distance, dealing damage, but consumes ammo. Also places a debuff that does damage per second for 10 seconds and can be stacked up to 10 times.

Ram Rams any enemies in front of the demolisher, dealing 19000 to 21000 Damage and knocking them back. Also deals 2160 to 2640 siege damage to buildings.

Throw Passenger Launch a passenger into the distance.
  • Passenger abilities and role

Passengers in these demolishers preferably mages warlocks will take care of turrets

Mortar Fires a miniature explosive blast, dealing Fire damage to all enemies in the target area. An imprecise hit can do as little as 5,000 damage, while a direct hit will do upwards of 120,000 damage. Does approximately 2,300 siege damage to buildings.

Anti-Air Rocket Fires an explosive missile that explodes on contact with air targets.

Grab Crate Use your hook and chain to grab the targeted crate. Grab the targeted crate to pick up Liquid Pyrite off the ground, which reloads the demolisher by 25 Pyrite

Increased Speed (25 pyrite) Injects liquid pyrite into the engines, increasing movement speed by 100%. Lasts 20 sec.

Load into Catapult Load yourself into the catapult arm, using yourself as ammunition.

  • Turret Team Addendum
When an Overload hits, you can also forcibly eject yourself from Flame Leviathan for quicker access to vehicles.This is all about how healers/DPS aware and focused.
  • 2 Demolishers on pure DPS (will have best geared players as drivers)

p.s. I know if you're not experienced on vehicle you're using you'll most likely fail few times.This is no problem I myself never driven a demolisher.

And last thing that tower notes for us:

The Thorim tower locks out a section of the room with a series of enormous damage lightning beams that leave a DOT on anything they hit. When maneuvering around these beams, understand that older beams will fire before newer ones, and they will follow a pattern across the room. This makes it easy to back up or move forward into a brand new one to avoid one that's been up for several seconds.

The Hodir tower creates beams that follow unique targets and lock onto them before firing down a massive ice shard which creates a block of ice around nearby vehicles. With these beams, it's important to understand that so long as you are moving directly forward or directly backward the moment they lock onto you, you will never be hit by them. Attempting to turn or maneuver or taking too long to start moving will allow you to be ice blocked. For clarification -- there is no situation under which a player is not able to avoid an ice block if they are moving directly out of the area when a beam stops on them.

While a player can be broken out of their ice block, having two or three people hit by an ice block during an encounter is a virtual death wish, as the damage taken from AOE damage during the Flame Leviathan encounter will likely finish those vehicles off.

The Mimiron tower creates a flame barrier across diagonal portions of the room. If a player drives into this flame barrier they will take a massive damage DOT. For the purposes of the Flame Leviathan encounter, Demolishers or Siege Engines currently being pursued should never go into an area where they could potentially be cut off by a flame barrier, as other vehicles will not be able to drive through it to keep interrupts on Flame Leviathan.

The final tower is Freya, which spawns sets of large and small lashers from each of the corners. These lashers will be killed extremely quickly if they go over burning tar, so the strategy for dealing with them will generally deal with Choppers. It's important to note that Siege Engine and Demolisher gunners do not build aggro on these targets if they fire on them or the tar during the encounter; however, Siege Engine and Demolisher drivers can cause them to attack the vehicle if they attack, so it's generally best to avoid doing this.

To combat Freya's adds, we have Choppers put down tar as often as their cooldown permits, anywhere around Flame Leviathan or the center of the room. By covering a large portion of the ground with flaming tar, Lasher adds are very likely to light themselves on fire regardless of who they aggro on initially. Additionally, Choppers who are between pickups can use a quick Sonic Horn on lasher packs to get aggro and, if they're careful, can get away without being hit and drag them over the tar.

Finally please watch this excellent video from tankspot as always, a perfect statement if you only wanna join this 1 hour raid.We should be able to defeat him in a real short time.Some of our engines will be destroyed most likely ,but key to this kill is being focused to encounter whatever happens.

I tried to include everything about fight , I hope this helps.

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